St Louis Police would fail this test.


St Louis Police would fail this test.

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It only costs $0.00 to keep it real

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The Leatherdos is a hair clip that doubles as a multi-tool that combines 5 different tools in a tiny hair clip: screw-drivers, a wrench, a trolley coin, a ruler, and a cutting edge.


hard femme shit

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I have been so inactive on tumblr lately. With all the hype happening in Ferguson and the people I’ve been associating with lately, the whole “tumblr” thing had really died inside of me.
Soon I’m going through and unfollowing a LOT of blogs. I’m looking to become more influential and to start writing more; specifically reports on activism and world events - especially major political changes happening in America.

I’m really working on me. Changing for the better, growing, learning more, meeting more diverse people and seeing more diverse places. My cares are less and less in the music world. At a time I may have thought I could change the world through rock and roll but recently I’ve concluded that I am not anyone’s hard rock savior and the help I was able to bring to Ferguson really shed light on my abilities to help and progress without those things.

I still love you all. I’m glad I had the experiences on tumblr that I did. I met a lot of great people on this site. Expect my blog to be changing a lot real soon. Hopefully that doesn’t encourage you to unfollow but I understand if it does.

Pray for Ferguson. Pray for Gaza. Pray for peace across the globe.


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Life is weirder than it ever has been.

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